Gabriela Sánchez

Gabriela Sánchez
Class of 2026
  • Major(s): Applied Computational Mathematics and Statistics (ACMS), Economics
  • Hometown: Managua, Nicaragua

Gabriela is a sophomore from Managua, Nicaragua pursuing a double major in economics and applied computational mathematics and statistics (ACMS).

On campus, she lives in Farley Hall, known as the finest dorm on campus. In it, she has participated in intramural sports and works in the basement café making smoothies and milkshakes. Of Farley Hall she says, “Farley’s community has embraced me with open arms and has truly made me feel at home. Beyond its amazing location (right next to the dining hall), the girls really are some of the most humorous people I have ever met, and I enjoy getting to chat with them whenever they drop into Café Far Far for a late night snack.”

Besides working in admissions and the café, Gabriela is also involved in the Office of Information Technology, Student Government, French Club, and she is a Balfour-Hesburgh Scholar and Glynn Family Honors Program Scholar.

When she is not doing homework or attending meetings, she enjoys playing the piano wherever she may find one, sitting with friends on the quad when the weather allows it, or hiking.

Her favorite ND tradition is the annual midnight snowball fight that takes place on South Quad.

Feel free to ask Gabriela questions about being an international student, balancing activities in college, or any other topic in general!