Lissette Hernandez

Lissette Hernandez
Class of 2025
  • Major(s): Economics
  • Minor(s): Data Science
  • Hometown: Bensenville, Illinois

Lissette is a junior from Bensenville, Illinois majoring in economics with a minor in data science.

On campus, she lives in Welsh Family Hall, home of the whirlwinds and located in West Quad, commonly known as the best quad. When asked about Welsh Fam she says, “Welsh Fam is filled with women that have interests all around the board and always looking forward to meeting and welcoming new people.”

Apart from being a Recruiting and Visiting Intern, on campus she is conducting research with the Department of Computer Science under the College of Engineering, participating in ND’s First-Generation Advisory Board, and is the media coordinator for the club Design Build Fly.

Her favorite ND traditions are the first and last Grotto trips freshmen and seniors take as a class. To her it shows a full-circle moment on how you enter ND as one person and leave as a completely different one.

In her free time, she enjoys walking around the lakes, working out in Rockne, making podcasts, and meeting new people.

Lissette would be more than happy to chat about her experience as a FGLI student, having a work-life balance, studying abroad, or anything at all!