13 Things Your Tour Guide Won't Tell You

Author: Courtie Davis



When you come to campus for the first time, one of the first people you interact with is usually a Notre Dame tour guide. 

As a tour guide myself, I know we recognize that our tours have the ability to shape your impression of the University we love – potentially even being the reason you choose to attend. No pressure.

Knowing this, we’re careful in choosing what to share with you, but there are definitely some things about campus that your tour guide would never tell you...until now.  

1. “Yes, I have practiced walking backwards.”

2. “I like to keep my favorite study spots to myself – Geddes Hall, the ACE Building, and computer labs in Riley Hall are all hidden gems.”

3. “Getting an email or letter from someone who was on my tour makes my day – it means I left an impression.”

4. “We really love our bowling leagues here.”

5. “I secretly love the Carroll tradition of dying our hair because it helps me recognize the other Carroll freshmen.”

6. “Sometimes I go to the dining hall solely to get the Reese’s pie.”

7. “The best spot on campus is that hill across St. Joseph’s Lake that looks at the back of the Dome.”

8.  “I wish the Basilica was part of the tour. Everyone who visits campus should check out the inside.”

9.  “The best part of eating in South Dining Hall is spying on people’s DHDs (dining hall dates).”

10. “I don’t know the meaning behind all the statues around campus. Sometimes I don’t even realize they’re there unless my tour group points them out.”

11. “The Keenan Revue is one of the most popular Notre Dame events – the line for tickets stretches across all the pathways on God Quad. Most people don’t know it’s easy to sneak into the show.”

12. “I never get tired of bringing tour groups to the Grotto. A lot of the time, it’s the most peaceful part of my day.”

13. “Becoming a tour guide is the best decision I’ve made while at Notre Dame.”

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