8 Ways To Spend Free Time During The Spring Semester

Author: Sarah Holland

Sarah H

With no weeks off or opportunities to travel home this semester, it’s especially important to find time to relax and take a break during the next few months. Here are eight ideas of how to spend a free weekend, a day off, or a homework-free afternoon!

  1. Visit the Quad LodgesThe North Lodge features board games, shuffleboard, and fire pits, and the South Lodge has cornhole, ping-pong, and miniature golf, just to name a few! They both offer a warm and safe way to hang out with friends outside of your dorm.


  2. Check out a book at the Hesburgh libraryTake a break from your class readings and find something to read just for fun. Be extra safe by requesting your book online to be picked up, or check out one of their e-books. 


  3. Take a walk to Eddy Street! Lots of the restaurants offer order-ahead options so you can pick up something different to take back for dinner. Many Eddy Street restaurants even accept Domer Dollars!


  4. Go ice skating at the Compton Family Ice Arena. It’s free to Notre Dame students during Public Skate hours! Check out their website for more information. 


  5. Getting moving! Participate in a free virtual fitness class or take advantage of the warmer weather and go for a run or walk outside. You can also reserve a spot to use one of the gyms or the pool.


  6. This semester, it can be especially easy to lose touch with friends who you don’t see every day. Reach out to a friend who you haven’t seen in a while! For a pandemic-safe way to meet, grab a coffee or hot chocolate and go for a walk outside together.


  7. Get organized! Something as simple as reorganizing your drawers, cleaning off your desk, or emptying out your backpack can help you be prepared for days when your workload is more stressful. 


  8. Since most students aren’t able to travel home to see their families during the semester, use your free-time to call or FaceTime a family member you miss. They will be so happy to hear from you!

Remember to make time for yourself during these challenging times. With all of your hard work, you deserve a break