A Big White Envelope

Author: Gabe Tauro

A Big White Envelope

by Gabe Tauro


Nd Acceptance

Gold, blue, and green,

I dawn the colors of a seasoned ND veteran

As I enter the twilight of my career –

The apex, the pinnacle, the point of no return.

I look… and I see flags draped along my wall,

Unwavering… proud… dusted with memories.

Posters lovingly torn around the edges

Speak a story of passion and adventure.


It is in this room that I met my first love.

It is in this dorm that I met my best friend.

It is at this school that I met God.

It is at Notre Dame that I met myself.


All because of a letter…

A big white envelope…


That took me on a journey that I didn’t think I’d take…

A school that I never imagined attending…

A place so far out… in the middle of nowhere…

That my room is a plane, train, and car ride away.


How’d I get here?

Why’d I get here?


The answer is simple, really.

It was not by chance, or some pithy allusion to fate,

Not by some age-old family legacy.

I went with my gut.


Wow, an inspired response. Truly romantic.

Say what you will. Think what you want.

Notre Dame was where my heart told me to go.

So I followed,


And I listened…

And I worked…

And I acted…

And I sang…


And here I am.


Long hard nights, but smile-filled days;

Challenging material, but worthwhile knowledge;

Tired sprawls over a laptop keyboard, but stimulating conversations to be had afterward;

The bitter sting of not seeing my friends and family…


Yet I couldn’t be more grateful.


I’ve been blessed with an education that cares.

And people that make me better.

A school that I chose based on a feeling,

Turned out to be the best decision of my life.