A Day in the Life

Author: Sarah Price

9:00 Wake Up!

Every MWF, I get up at 9 and head down to my dorm's workout room. Wednesdays usually are cardio for me so by 10:00, I am more than ready to get off the treadmill!

10:00 Get Ready For Class

Yes, I know this is much later than the average worker or high school student. But, I am NOT a morning person! I needed every minute of sleep that I can get...that's why my schedule starts so late.

11:00 Introduction to Fiction Writing

My Intro to Fiction class is absolutely incredible and debatably one of my favorite courses this semester. I would never describe myself as a reader, but I definitely enjoyed reading Heavy by Kiese Laymon and Fifth Season by N.K Jemisen over the past few weeks and even writing some stories of my own!

12:30 Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory

This is my favorite course and also one of my most challenging. As an Economics major, this course deepens my understanding of economic policy and influences in the United States and other nations as well.

2:00 Lunch

This is where I quickly walk to North Dining Hall (NDH) in order to scarf down some food in my short break before my last class.

3:00 Elementary Chinese I

I know, shocker right? I'm in a Chinese course for a few reasons. 1) I love learning new languages! 2) I have always wanted to confront one of the most difficult languages to learn. And 3) I figured this would help me a bit when I am interning in Beijing, China this summer.

4:00 Homework Pt. 1

This is the hour that I complete any small assignments that I have. This usually consists of responding to emails, working on graphics, completing Study Abroad and intern abroad forms, etc.

5:00 Chinese Tutoring Session

The Chinese class that I am in requires all students to have tutoring sessions with a peer (another fluent Notre Dame student) in addition to a professor. On Wednesday's I have my professor tutoring session. This is where I am able to ask more questions, practice my pronunciation, and get any advice in my studies.

5:20 Homework Pt. 2

This now is the time for real homework. Yes, the problem sets, projects, essays, research, reading assignments, and reflection pieces are all started now! Most of them will not be completed but I like to get a good head start on a few that way I am able to really get working after dinner!

7:00 Dinner at SDH with Laura(sometimes)

Any other day, I would be eating dinner at NDH (the best dining hall) but on Wednesdays, I meet up with a fellow Badin Hall sister and catch up over dinner. I really look forward to these dinners as we have so much to talk about since we don't see each other every day like last year!

8:00 Homework Pt.3 at a random location

For the long haul, I choose a slightly random location to start, finish, and work on all of my homework. My top study spots are: Duncan Student Center, Badin Hall, Hesburgh Library and LaFortune.

12:00 Think about heading back but ultimately don't

12:30-1:15 Head back to Badin

1:30 Change into Pajamas

This is surprisingly difficult in a dark, silent room with a sleeping roommate.

2:00 Go to sleep!

And just like that, the day is over. Most likely, I have not finished all of my work - but I did finish all the work due the next day! Also, I probably spent too much time goofing off and joking around with Mario but, that's to be expected. And most of all, I am definitely going to wake up and do it all again!