A Re-Introduction

Author: Gabe Tauro

Hello all! My name is Gabe Tauro, and I’m a senior Science-Business major, minoring in Collaborative Innovation. I’m Californian by birth, Filipino by ethnicity, and Irish by school!

It is with bittersweet excitement that I say that this is my fourth and final year as a part of the New Media Team. Having joined the team as a first-year student, I’ve really grown into my role with Admissions. While I wear many hats as a part of this team, I will be leading web design and interface for the upcoming school year.

On-campus, I am currently vice president and co-founder of the Calligraphy Club, and “The Babe” and co-founder of the ND Game Club. In addition, I am a knight of Keenan Hall, a cultural performer, and the former president of the Filipino-American Student Organization. In terms of my future career, I’m an aspiring thought leader and businessman with a passion for marketing and sales!

Beyond campus, I enjoy drinking coffee, playing Connect Four, and watching re-runs of Family Feud. I lead a spectacularly unspectacular life – made spectacular with the help of my spectacular friends. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about campus life, being a science major, or just life in general!

Go Irish!