A Taste of Activities Night

Author: Megan McCuen

The Student Activities Office of Notre Dame

Just two nights ago, Notre Dame had its annual beginning of the year event, “Activities Night.” Sponsored by the Student Activities Office (SAO), every club is allowed to put up a table in the JACC to help promote their group to students. The night is a favorite of students; both for underclassmen to learn more about getting involved on campus and for upperclassmen to promote their favorite clubs. I’m involved in several different organizations but worked the table for the Academic Competition Club that night. While spending time at the event, I learned about so many awesome new clubs. Unfortunately between dance and choir rehearsals, I don’t have time to join anything else. So here are 10 clubs I wish I could join…

1)  Bagpipe Band: Okay so I don’t know how to play a bagpipe at all… but how cool would my life be if I could? This club shows off their bagpipe skills around campus events and on home football weekends.

2)  ND Students Fighting NTD: Notre Dame is on the cutting edge with their research on elephantiasis and other tropical diseases. Even though I’m an English major, I still helped this club raise money last year to help cure disease in tropical parts of the world.

3)  Mustard: As an aspiring author, I’ve been dying to join this club! They meet weekly to read and critique each other’s creative writing projects anything from poetry to novels.

4)  Culinary Appreciation Club: I don’t know much about this club, but I’m pretty sure it involves appreciating food, which is something I think I am pretty good at.

5)  KiND: This “Random Acts of Kindness Club” is founded around doing small acts of kindness to fellow students. It’s basically a club about being nice. Last spring, they put positive sticky notes on every South Dining Hall tray!

6)  Juggling Club: I went to one meeting freshman year and it was SO fun! This club welcomes members of all abilities to learn how to juggle and practice your skills. Some members have even been circus performers!

7)  Humor Artists of Notre Dame: ND’s improv comedy troupe is made up of some of the funniest students on campus. I aspire one day to be as hilarious as the members of this club, until then, I’m content to stalk all their shows.

8)  Mariachi ND: Yup, we got a mariachi band. Each Valentine’s Day, for a small fee, this talented ensemble will serenade your true love for you. What better to spread love than joining this this band?

9)  Outing Club: Haven’t ventured off-campus in a while? This club takes you on camping trips- from a day trip to the local Indiana Dunes to overnight hiking trips in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

10) Creativity and Innovation Club: This is the one club I did sign up for at activities night. This organization is all about coming up with new ideas to make our campus more creative. I am all about this. I can’t wait for the first meeting.

For a complete list of clubs offered at ND, see the SAO directory. What clubs would you want to join at ND?