Admissions Season: Tips and Tricks for Nailing the Writing Supplement

Author: Jenny Moore

Test scores? Check. Recommendation letters? Check. Common app? Check. You’re almost ready to apply to Notre Dame – all that’s left is that one last part you’ve probably been putting off…the writing supplement. While the writing section may seem daunting, it doesn't have to be!

This is your chance to show the Admissions Team a glimpse of who you are and why Notre Dame is the school for you. Here are a few tips and tricks to nailing the writing supplement:

Write about something that you’re passionate about.

I’ve always found writing to be so much easier when I’m invested in and care about the topic. What can your essays tell the Admissions Team about you that what your application can’t?

Choose your words carefully.

The recommended word count per essay is 150 words, which probably isn’t like most of the essays you’ve written throughout high school. With a tight word limit, make every word count.

Let your voice shine.

Be your authentic self. Have a close friend or family member read your essays and ask if it sounds like you. The Admissions Team wants to get to know you better!

Have fun!

Enjoy choosing a topic that represents who you are and telling the Admissions Team your unique story. Essay writing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but, hey, everything is better when doing it with a smile! ☺

Good luck and happy writing!