All About Badin

Author: Hailey Oppenlander

Hailey Badin

If you haven’t been in Badin Hall before, just walk inside and you can see why last year’s SYR theme was “Badin Boujee.” Badin’s recent renovations have given it the luxury of a newer dorm – but without losing all the tradition and character of the old!

Badin was built in 1897, and the much-needed renovations undertaken two years ago have completely transformed its interior. My friends from other dorms are constantly in awe of our tall ceilings (I can stand on top of my lofted bed!), our wide hallways, and our luxurious bathrooms – at least by dorm standards.

Badin is in a PERFECT location. We’re right across from South Dining Hall, next to our amazing sisters the Howard Ducks, and have gorgeous views of the lakes and the Dome from Bond Quad. 

Even though Badin is the smallest women’s dorm, we have lots of spirit! Badin Bullfrogs celebrate Founder’s Week every fall, beginning with Mass in the Log Chapel. Our namesake, Father Badin, the first Catholic priest ordained in the United States, is buried there. In the spring semester, Badin celebrates Frog Week. This is when we host our annual Miss Bullfrog talent competition, with the winner going on to compete in the campus-wide Miss ND! 

Badin has two service partners in South Bend: St. Margaret’s House and the Robinson Community Learning Center. In the spring semester, Badin hosts the Polar Bear Plunge (where we run into St. Joseph’s Lake in the middle of February!) to benefit St. Margaret’s House. Our other signature event is Conscious Christmas, where we sell jewelry, scarves, and other goods from Nepal to benefit the Nepali orphans living in the HOPE house.

Badin Bullfrogs can often be found in our common spaces, the Pond and the Puddle, where we enjoy each other’s company, watch The Bachelor, and eat brownies after our Monday night Brownie Mass with Father Bill.

I’m always surprised when friends in other halls talk about meeting people from their dorm they don’t know. Since Badin is so small, everyone knows each other’s name and says hi in the hallways, and it makes the building feel less like a dorm and more like our home.

Fun Facts about Badin:

  1. Badin used to be called the "Badin Attitude". 
  2. Fr. Hesburgh was once a Badin resident!
  3. Badin is the only dorm with a balcony (the Dome views are INCREDIBLE)!
  4. Badin, along with Walsh, was one of the first dorms to be turned into a women’s hall when Notre Dame began admitting women to the University in 1972.