All About Baumer

Author: Mario Ojadi


Baumer Hall is the newest addition to Notre Dame’s residential life. Completed last summer, the dorm was made possible because of John and Mollie Baumer's generous contributions. The hall is located on west quad and can house about 250 men throughout its four stories. 

When it comes to floor plans, Baumer is pretty nice! One section on the first floor is filled with rooms, while the other has two community kitchens, a large lounge, the rector's room, and the chapel. Both sections on the second floor are room occupied and there is an inside balcony. Hall Council meeting and the likes can be held in the lounge area. The third floor has two larger sections and no lounge. The fourth floor has a large community kitchen, and the other section is filled with rooms. Every floor has study rooms, and the basement level has an exercise room, laundry room, and space for food sales as well.

I have two close friends who currently live in Baumer, and I have been there several times. It is a very spacious and bright place that just has an aura that seems to lift the mood. Both of my friends agreed that Baumer seems to be far from some buildings on the north end of campus, but the walk is manageable. I have been told that the majority of people who live in Baumer have scooters or skateboards, so they can get to some classes or North Dining Hall faster than walking there. Maybe it will gain a reputation for being the scooter dorm. While it may be a bit of a hike to the library or wellness center, Baumer is very close to the bookstore, making for easy access to the highly sought-after Einstein bagels, along with pretty much any item that one may need for classes at ND. Baumer is also great for business majors as it's so close to the Mendoza School of Business, which can be a trek for some students who live in other dorms. Baumer is also much closer to Eddy Street than the majority of other dorms. This means closer access to Five Guys, Barbici, Blaze Pizza, Jimmy John's, Brothers, Chipotle, and other restaurants. Honestly, as a food lover, I can’t think of anything better. 

Baumer has not yet had its first incoming class, since the residents of Dillon Hall are living there while Dillon is being renovated this year. So that means Baumer does not yet have rich traditions and steady community-building events like the other dorms on campus do. Right now, most activities that take place in Baumer are actually Dillon Hall-created -- lookout for more on that in the upcoming Dillon Hall blog.

One thing that is unique to Baumer, and not just a Dillon activity that's been brought over, is the Midnight Zumba. It happens every night in the first-floor lounge. As someone who struggles to find time for exercise, I can think of nothing better than gathering with friends at the end of a long day to exercise and laugh together. I hope the incoming Baumer community carries on this daily routine. Next year, the first freshman class of Baumer will matriculate. And the sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are accepted via the transfer application, will join them to be the first true Baumer residents. I know that they will bring a plethora of wonderful traditions that Baumer can share with the rest of the ND family.