All About Carroll

Author: Andrew Rabbitt

Andrew 2

Carroll Hall: Small in number, big in spirit.

As a junior, I’ve spent the better part of the past two and a half years as a resident in Carroll Hall. One hundred residents strong, Carroll is by far the smallest dorm in the Notre Dame community. It’s also the only dorm that boasts its own quad, complete with lake views. Colloquially referred to as “far quad,” Carroll has its own sand volleyball court, the best Dome views on campus, and in my (unbiased) opinion the best dorm community. 

Situated five minutes beyond South Quad, Carroll also is the furthest dorm from just about everything. When I mention I’m from Carroll, I sometimes receive a pity stare and simultaneous “Oh, I’m sorry.” It’s true: almost every Notre Dame student has heard an urban legend about a dorm somewhere well beyond South Quad. While the rumors are far exaggerated (Carroll is only a 12-minute walk to DeBartolo Hall), they make Carroll the most relevant dorm on campus. 

Upon arriving to Carroll, you’ll likely see Carroll residents playing pool, talking about the legendary Carroll Kitchen snacks, or playing Smash Bros. Indeed, the vast majority of Carroll’s first floor is devoted to common spaces. You’ll find a study room, a kitchen, and ample lounge space. Frequently, hall staff will organize community events, such as a Super Bowl watch party, and keynote speakers. The rooms are also among the most spacious on campus and boast the highest ceilings of any dorm (a weird flex, I know). 

Due to our small size, Carroll amplifies Notre Dame’s commitment to community. During the fall, we host weekly cookouts complete with burgers and volleyball. In December, we host “Carroll Christmas,” a celebratory event of everything Christmas. With a Christmas tree lighting ceremony, karaoke, and an appearance from Santa, Carroll Christmas is well-known throughout campus. Yes, students are even willing to make the trek from campus to Carroll. 

The best part about Carroll? The people. In my time at Carroll, I’ve met some of my best friends and know the vast majority of our one hundred residents. We bond over our preeminent location and traditions. 


Fun Facts About Carroll:

  1. Carroll is named for Charles Carroll, the only Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence. 
  2. Carroll boasts the best dorm views on campus. 
  3. Carroll’s mascot is the vermin. This stems from an alleged infestation that occurred when Carroll was being converted from a seminary to a dorm in 1970.