All About Farley

Author: Lisa von Werder

Pop Farley

If you love North Dining Hall, you’ll want to live right next door in Farley Hall. It's also conveniently close to Hesburgh Library and sits right next to fellow female dorm, Breen-Phillips.

Built in 1942, the four-story building hosts a little over 200 Farley’s Angels—or Farley’s Finest. You can catch them on any given day spreading cheer, probably wearing their signature teal and yellow.

Farley is named after Fr. “Pop” Farley, who’s honored every year during Pop Farley Week, which includes events from ice skating and family dinners featuring sections skits, to taking a walk to Fr. Farley’s grave. There’s also a fun signature event for each season: in the fall, Farley Fall Fest gives students an opportunity to carve pumpkins and enjoy lots of delicious autumnal food, and in the spring, Be Fine Day encourages students to practice self-love.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing several Angels, and it’s clear from any interaction with them that Farley provides a great community filled with joy and friendship. Sections hold socials where residents get to know one another, and every Thursday, Mass is followed by brownies and plenty of time to chat. The St. John the Evangelist chapel also hosts a Sunday night Mass, like all other dorms on campus.

A huge factor in the sense of community is the rector, Sarah Jesse. Although this is her first year at Farley, she has quickly become a friendly face and a positive force in the hall. She welcomes those coming to Mass by offering a reflection based on her own personal readings and hangs around after the service to talk to residents.

Whether you run into a Farley Angel in class, at a signature event, or at Café Far-Far, their basement waffle restaurant, you’re guaranteed a smile and a brighter day!