All About Fisher

Author: Sarah Price


Have you ever dreamt of sailing across St. Joseph's lake in a makeshift boat crafted from a hodgepodge of foam, trashcans, and plywood? If so, look no further than Fisher Hall.

Home of the Fishermen, this hall was built in 1952 and is named after Fred and Sally Fisher. When it comes to dorm layout, Fisher's L-shaped residence hall has five sections, four floors, just over 100 rooms, and is home to roughly 180 undergraduate men.

Fisher is much more than a dorm, it is a family, a brotherhood, and a central part of South Quad. Beyond the walls, Fisher is most well-known for its signature event: Fisher Regatta. In preparation for the Regatta, every dorm creates a team of four (or so) members who construct a boat (of sorts) to sail across St. Joseph's lake in a race amongst dorms. No purchased boats allowed! There is always a team with a floating mattress and another with five-gallon containers strapped together with ridiculously-thin twine, and somehow, neither sink. This event is a great time and attracts people from all over campus who sit on the lakeside, enjoy the sun, and laugh as the most ridiculous boats float (or not) down the lake.

Other events include: Fisher Car Smash, which raises funds for charity, St. Adalbert's Tutoring, and the Cadillac Classic-, a 3v3 basketball tournament, which is only within the dorm.

Fisher, while a small dorm community, has so much dorm and community spirit. It never lacks entertainment nor character. The legacy of Fisher is one that spans across quads, years, and residents.