All About Knott

Author: Hailey Oppenlander

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Knott residents, known as the Juggerknotts, make quite an impression early on in their Notre Dame careers. 

At Domerfest, Knott residents can be found protecting their iconic orange beanies with their lives. And at the first football pep rally each year, the Juggerknotts bring along a portrait of Marion Burk Knott, the revered namesake of their dorm, and make their dorm pride known to everyone around them. (The men of Knott are extremely proud that Knott is the first dorm named after a woman.)

Knott was built in 1988 and was originally a women’s dorm before it became a men’s hall in 1997. Ever since, the Juggerknotts have been known for their wholesome, chaotic energy - as seen in this Welcome Weekend video from last year. Mod Quad Appreciation Day confirms why Mod Quad is the perfect location for the Juggerknotts - both are slightly unconventional and quirky, but extremely proud (and beloved by all) for being so.

Knott has a very strong community, and the upperclassmen are known as especially great mentors within the dorm and around campus. Knott is home to unique traditions, like their many food sales (almost every day of the week!), and in the past even an annual cigar smoke in memory of Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, where people who knew Fr. Ted share stories about him and commemorate the great life he lived. Knott’s biggest annual charity event is the Aidan Project. The Juggerknotts partner with Circle K, a campus service organization, to make fleece blankets for children with cancer and write them encouraging letters.

Pasquerilla West has a cheer: “Who’s the better Pasquerilla? Knott Hall, Knott Hall,” and this chant pretty much sums up the energy of the Juggerknotts - it doesn’t always make sense, but we love them in spite of - and because of - it.