All About Lewis

Author: Bailey Jordan

Bailey 2

Lewis Hall, home of the Chickens, is known across campus for its spirit, events, and welcoming demeanor. Built in 1965, Lewis is one of the largest dorms with approximately 270 residents at any given time. Situated between the Golden Dome and St. Joseph’s Lake, Lewis Hall has amazing views in all directions and is a short walk to North Dining Hall. Its nearest neighbors are Keenan, Stanford, Zahm, and St. Edward’s halls. 

With a private courtyard, front lawn, and back patio adjacent to the lake, residents can enjoy studying and spending time with friends in a variety of great outdoor areas during fair weather. Inside, Lewis residents enjoy kitchens on every floor and many other common spaces for residents and visitors to spend time together. Its amazing location ensures that Lewis residents see the historic and classic pieces of Notre Dame each and every day on walks to class.

Lewis Hall’s signature philanthropic event is Lewis Hall of Pancakes, nicknamed LHOP, is an all-you-can-eat breakfast party that takes place on a Friday night each fall. Every hallway on each floor is full of students enjoying the food with music blaring throughout the dorm and hundreds of people coming in and out throughout the night. All proceeds go to the Food Bank of Northern Indiana, and thousands of dollars are donated each year from this event.

One of the most infamous spirit events on campus, Lewis Hall’s Crush Week is a week of fun and festivities leading up to our spring dance. Dressed in variations of beach, Hawaiian, and tacky tourist gear, the ladies of Lewis look forward to this week all year and an invitation to the Crush dance for students from other dorms is an invitation to a guaranteed week of great events held in and out of the dorm. 

Speaking more personally, Lewis Hall became my home away from home within weeks and I felt welcomed from the moment I stepped into the dorm Welcome Weekend. Lewis has amazing spirit and is always looking for ways to support its residents. From intramural sports to local service opportunities, Lewis Hall has shown me how quickly I could find a family away from my own