All About Lyons

Author: Sarah Price

Sarah 1

When I think of Lyons, I think of the Lyons Arch. This unique and defining feature of the Hall connects South Quad to Saint Mary's Lake. Sure, it was featured in Rudy but; in the daily lives of ND students, the Lyons Arch has a very different meaning. It is tied to a very romantic and special Notre Dame tradition - or superstition. Legend says if a couple kisses under the arch, while undergraduates, they will eventually get married. While that is pretty awesome about Lyons, there is so much more to this women's community. 

Lyons Hall is a tight-knit community, housing around 180 residents in 97 rooms in 6 sections.

The four-floor dorm is dedicated to the memory of Professor Joseph A. Lyons who enrolled at the University in 1848 for a shoemaking apprenticeship. It's always interesting to see how much Notre Dame has changed since its founding. Shoemaking, brickmaking, single-ed, and now co-ed… Lyons Hall truly has its roots in the beginning of Notre Dame's story.

Lyons' history is not the only thing they hold near and dear to their hearts. As a community, Lyons Hall is very active in philanthropic events like the Mara Fox Run. Valley for the Vets which raises funds for a scholarship in the name of Mara Fox, a former Lyons Hall lady who was sadly killed by a drunk driver. This is just one of Lyons Hall's outreach events and truly brings the Lyons Lions community together.

The Lions also partner with O'Neill Hall to bring bounce houses and other yard games to South Quad on the last day of classes in the Spring Semester. Students flock to these events in order to blow off semester steam and have some fun in celebration of another year complete at the University.

Lyons Hall has a one-of-a-kind presence on campus and their black and gold pride is recognized from Mod Quad to West Quad