All About Morrissey

Author: Sarah Price


The Morrissey Manor is like that of a small castle or a medieval fortress in Scotland, but I digress.

Morrissey is the namesake of Rev. Andrew Morrissey, C.S.C., Notre Dame's seventh president and has St. Andrew as their patron saint. Located in a nook of South Quad between Lyons and Howard, Morrissey's 190 men have a strong identity and community that spreads across campus. The dorm has also undergone a renovation in 2018-2019 that brought new life to the 95-year-old building.

However, renovation or not, the men of Morrissey are active campus participants. Their black and gold flag can be seen at any event where the Manor is present. Some of the charitable events that they host and participate in are Toys for Tots, a Thanksgiving Food Drive, Project Warmth, Project Green, Miraculous Metals, Operation Rice Bowl, Souper Bowl Can Drive to benefit the Catholic Worker House, and the tutoring program, Slice of Life. These events really drive home the fact that Morrissey is not an isolated community, but rather a dorm that brings together all for greater justice, service, and good.

They also host the Medallion Hunt on campus. This event is absolutely chaotic but incredible. Every year, the Manor hides a three-inch medallion somewhere on campus. In a bush? Under 1st down Moses' knee? In DeBartolo room 155? No one knows where the medallion is! Instead, various groups and individuals across campus go on the hunt for the medallion for a cash prize...and you will not believe the lengths to which some people go.

The Men of Morrissey are truly lucky to have such a unique place to call home. They are the only dorm with their own front lawn, the only one with a spire, and share a home with the Troy Murphy MLB Hall-of-Famer Carl Yastrzemski. Who wouldn't want to be a Man of Morrissey