All About O'Neill Family

Author: Sarah Price

Sarah 1

O'Neill Family Hall was the first men's residence hall on West Quad and has a strong history, even though it is only 34 years old.

Built in 1996, the hall was dedicated in honor of Joseph O’Neill, Jr. ’37, and funded by the O’Neill family. The dorm's mascot is the "Angry Mob" and they embody this term most fully on Fridays, before a home football game, in South Dining Hall (SDH). During these times, people can hear table banging, dorm chants, and loud shouts in celebration and anticipation of ND Football. No one can essay that O'Neill doesn't have pride.

O'Neill is also known for having section dinners in SDH throughout the year, which brings each of their 266 residents closer together. The kinship in this dorm is unparalleled and I have rarely, if ever, seen dorms with continued and daily section bonding.

Beyond its walls, O'Neill is known for its deep relationship with the greater South Bend community. The Angry Mob has a gentle and generous bond with the South Bend Center for the Homeless. They hold a "Without a Home'' vigil and donate to the Center through fundraising at Sunday Mass and their annual Ms. ND Pageant. 

The O'Neill dorm has a very tight-knit community of which any undergraduate is lucky to be a part. While one of the newer dorms at Notre Dame, it surely has grown a reputation for fellowship and service like that of more established residence halls.