All About Pasquerilla East

Author: Sarah Price

Sarah 1

Pasquerilla East (PE) is located on Mod-Quad along with Pasquerilla West, Siegfried, and Knott. Built in 1981, it is one of two dorms constructed from the generous donation from Frank and Sylvia Pasquerilla. Their donation was specifically donated for female housing. 

PE is special to Notre Dame and has a bond with its sister dorm, Pasquerilla West, that is unlike any other dorm relationship. PE has four floors that are purposely numbered 5-8 as its sister dorm has an identical layout with floors numbered 1-4. This continuation of floors builds on their shared name and truly unites the Mod-Quad female residence halls.

However, PE has its own connection to the University and South Bend, separate from its sister dorm. PE hosts annual charity events, the most notable being "So You Think You Can Sync," where all of the proceeds are donated. 

The PE Pyros have constantly said that the greatest thing about their dorm is the kinship. The community is tightly bound, and they have very active Hall Councils every week. These bonds are only further strengthened through PE's highly competitive interhall sports teams, dorm events, and dorm pride!

PE also has a retreat offered in the beginning of the spring semester available to all of its 250 residents. This is a great dorm with a ton of spirit and faith that has made its mark on ND's campus