All About Pasquerilla West

Author: Hailey Oppenlander

Hailey Web Fun

If you scroll through Pasquerilla West’s Instagram, you’ll see that they’ve snatched some pretty notable celebrity endorsements to prove that they’re the best dorm on campus: Guppy from iCarly, Mike Johnson, Nikki Blonsky, Tyler Cameron, Tom Bergeron, Esteban from the Suite Life, and even the World Record Egg. And it’s clear to see why they have so much support - the women of PDub are some of the most energetic, devoted, and fun-loving students you’ll meet on campus! 

Currently known as the Purple Weasels, PDub’s residents (once called the Pink Wizards and the Plaid Wave) have forged a new identity for themselves in recent years: Powerful Women. As Notre Dame’s first dorm built specifically for women, PDub has built on this legacy with their new tradition, Women’s Empowerment Week. This year they invited Judge Amy Coney Barrett for a special brunch to kick off the week, hosted letter-writing events so all students could thank the powerful women in our lives, and sold pizza rolls (a BLESSING during midterms week) to benefit St. Margaret’s House, a women’s shelter in South Bend. 

Even though they’re a large dorm with 250 residents, PDub has an extremely tight-knit and welcoming community. Every Wednesday morning, rector Em Orsini has “Coffee and Chats” with residents - a tradition that’s been continuing over Instagram Live while they’re away! 

They also have so many fun dorm traditions - their biggest being Queen Week! Every February, PDub has a spirit week that takes the form of a competition between the sections. There are events and games within the dorm all week, a campus scavenger hunt, and an INTENSE section decorating competition on Friday. (It often goes into the early hours of the morning!) Whichever section wins the most points by the end of the week gets to crown a first-year in their section “the Queen” at their formal. Other dorm traditions include the annual “Ugly Bush” lighting ceremony. Every December, lights are strung and lit on the shrub in front of PDub, with all residents circling around and affectionately singing the classic Christmas hit, “O Ugly Bush.”

PDub is always hosting philanthropic events around campus, like their Valentine’s Day carnation sale for St. Margaret’s House, and PDub’s Closet in the fall - a chance to donate or swap clothes, with all extras going to the South Bend Center for the Homeless.

PDub is located on Mod Quad right across from North Dining Hall and just a short walk from the library. Although the haters argue that Mod Quad isn’t really a quad, the four dorms that call it home (PDub, Siegfried, Knott, and Pasquerilla East) fought back with a new event this year: Mod Quad Appreciation Day. As a STEM dorm, PDub is a great location for science majors, as it’s close to Jordan Hall of Science, Nieuwland Science Hall, and Galvin Life Sciences Center.

PDub was renovated in the summer of 2018, making their common spaces on every floor (called “vator lounges” after the elevator) feel extra cozy! There, students can be found hanging out, studying, or most often doing a mixture of both. Plus, their rector has an ADORABLE Mini Goldendoodle named Louie. What more could you ask for in a dorm?

The Powerful Women of PDub are some of the most supportive students at Notre Dame - both within their dorm and throughout campus! My best friend from high school lives in PDub, so it’s basically become my second home. I love serenading Ugly Bush every winter, attending Masses presided over by their AMAZING priest Fr. David, occasionally going to Hall Council, and helping decorate for Queen Week. The friendships that PDub has brought me are some of the closest relationships I’ve formed on campus, and I feel so lucky to be welcomed into their community! I’ll forever cherish all the late nights spent with friends in the vator lounge and making mac n’ cheese in the kitchen - and it’s those simple, happy memories I hold on to as we’re all apart right now.


Peace, Love, PDub