All About Siegfried

Author: Sarah Price

Sarah 1

Whether their mascot is the "Slammers" or the "Ramblers," residents of Siegfried have always been known for their dominance in interhall sports.

This legacy began when the dorm was finally constructed in 1988. At first, it was home for many women on campus. But, in 1997 Siegfried made the transition to a men's residence hall. Today, over 250 men live in Siegfried across six dorm sections.

As mentioned earlier, Siegfried is notorious for bringing home victories from interhall competitions. Whether it be Football, Basketball, Volleyball, or anything else, Notre Dame can count on Siegfried being in the final four of any competition. The dorm's competitiveness brings out a healthy push for other teams. This is most clearly seen in the number of times that Siegfried has won the "O'Leary All Sports Trophy" which has existed since 1997. Given that Notre Dame has just over 31 residence halls, it is truly astonishing that the Ramblers have won this award seven times - all within the last 12 years.

But, there is so much more to this dorm than their athletics.

The Ramblers are the only community that holds their formal at the Warren Clubhouse, proving to be a nice escape from many formals that are typically held in the student center or South Dining Hall. They also host a "Rambler Retreat," which is usually in mid-March and aimed at promoting togetherness and community within the dorm.

Most notably, Siegfried created "The Day of Man," which to an outsider may seem a bit ridiculous. On one frigid day in January or February, the Ramblers brave the cold in t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops in the snow to raise money for and awareness of the homeless population of South Bend who live in these conditions every winter. This main event consistently raises over $15,000 across campus and some years hitting even bigger numbers! 

Siegfried's commitment to their dorm, Notre Dame, and the greater South Bend community is really something to be seen. So, while being placed in Seigfried is by chance, being a Rambler is by luck