All About Walsh

Author: Sarah Price

Golden leaves

The W.I.L.D. Women of Walsh have been enjoying beautiful sunrises on God Quad since 1972. After almost 70 years of being a men's residence hall, the dorm was converted to a female residence for Notre Dame's first female students. These women marked a change and turning point in the history of the Fighting Irish.

Now, with just 80 rooms and 160 students, Walsh Hall is a tight-knit community. Newly renovated in the 2016-2017 academic year, Walsh returned to a newer home with the same great camaraderie and spirit.

This spirit is seen most fully in the hall's many charity events, such as Bike Michiana for the Center for Hospice Care, College Dancing with the Stars for the Center for the Homeless, and Fun Friday for the Boys and Girls Club and the Walsh community’s special bond with the Ronald McDonald House. This dedication to service and community is something at the heart of Walsh Hall and its many residents. The Wild Women also host the famous "Mr. ND" event, a men's pageant of sorts that raises money for charity and recruits male representation of each men's residence hall.

I would be remiss if I forgot to explain the acronym of the W.I.L.D. Women. It is an acronym for "Wise In Life Decisions" and is a standard the dorm community expects of its women. Life decisions are more than academics, social life, or wellbeing… it is all of the above. This dorm takes personal responsibility and autonomy of their community and the direction in which they are headed.