All About Welsh Family

Author: Sarah Price

Sarah 1

The Welsh Fam Whirlwinds are most known for their incredible women's flag football team. Built in 1997, the West Quad dorm is the namesake of Robert and Kathleen Welsh and their family. Led by their rectress, Dr. Carol Latronica, the dorm community is much more than that, they are sisters.

Their seven sections of Welsh Family Hall unite over their interhall sports and consistently place in the semi-finals in flag football, lacrosse, water polo, and ping-pong. Their collective spirit is also continued into their events, namely, Clary Murphy Thomas 5K "which honors Brionne Clary, Connor Murphy, and Miranda Thomas, three students from the Class of 2002 who lost their battles with leukemia during their time at Notre Dame."

As a large dorm, home to around 266 women, it is hard to find such a tight-knit community dedicated to service and kinship. However, it is unmistakable on West Quad. The Whirlwinds also have a very close relationship with their brother and sister dorm, Dillion and Ryan, respectively. These dorms gather together frequently and Dillion and Welsh Fam even get together on Sundays and share the famous Dillion milkshakes while bonding.

The women of Welsh Family Hall truly love the dorm and host section socials every Tuesday where the sections gather for snacks, friendship, and great memories. I can think of no greater tradition to personify Welsh Fam spirit.