Alumni Profile: Meet Business Grad Melanie Maggine '23

Author: Elizabeth Prater

Melanie Maggine

Originally hailing from El Paso, Texas, Melanie Maggine is a graduate of Notre Dame’s Class of 2023. During her time at Notre Dame, she studied marketing through the Mendoza College of Business and completed a Spanish supplementary major and an innovation and entrepreneurship minor.

Maggine was also involved in a myriad of business organizations as well as ND Listens, and she was active in her residence hall, Breen-Phillips Hall.

Coming to Notre Dame, Maggine did not necessarily have her sights set on her chosen academic disciplines. “I came in just knowing I wanted to do business,” she says. “I decided to do marketing because it was creative and analytical.”

She added Spanish to regain some of her language skills and finally added the innovation and entrepreneurship minor when she discovered her aptitude in this field.

Currently, Maggine works as a Business Development Representative at G2 in Chicago.

She describes how she leverages her degree in her day-to-day role: “Sales is housed under marketing at ND to a degree; however, in the real world, marketing and sales are two totally different things. I like that sales is both creative and analytical just like marketing, but it’s a higher-stress environment and more competitive since you have a quota to reach.”

When reflecting on her coursework at Notre Dame, Maggine has difficulty pinning down a few favorites. “The professors care so much, so I had great experiences in almost all of [my classes],” Maggine shares. “The most unique class I took was Acting for the Non-Major with Sir Anton Juan, and the one I think about the most post-grad is Why Business with Professor Otteson and Professor Hirschfeld.”

The alumni network plays a large role in Maggine’s life. “I connect with ND alums all the time to talk about their careers to get a better idea of where I want to take mine. Having started sales right out of college with no prior experience, I’ve recently been leaning on my ND sales network a lot,” she says. “ND alums are always willing to help, which has been so fun. The best part about being post-grad is when students start to reach out to you as well and you can help them in the way others have helped you; so rewarding!”

Maggine describes her post-grad campus visits as nostalgic. “It still feels like home but also feels like a lifetime ago. Almost a frozen-in-time kind of quality,” she says.

Luckily, living so close to campus, she has plenty of reasons to go back and visit, especially with her friends and family still nearby. “The people are really what makes ND,” she says.

You can connect with Melanie Maggine on LinkedIn. For more content about her time at Notre Dame, she has a YouTube channel where she documented her four years at the University.

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