Anticipating Your Admission Decision

Author: Sarah Price


Today the University's Regular Decision Applicants will find out if they have been accepted!

For many of you, this is a nerve-wracking time as the countdown to 6:42 PM EST (18:42 military time) began from the moment you woke up. For me, and the vast majority of Notre Dame applicants over the past 179 years have felt the same with - with a few nuances, of course.

However, today is just that...a day. 

Regardless of what your well-anticipated portal says this evening, tomorrow will still come. Most importantly, today is not what defines you.

It is one of an infinite amount of fleeting moments that will soon become a memory.

So, take a deep breath every time that you get nervous. Clean your room, hang out with your friends, and buy some ice cream because it suits whatever news you get!

But, prepare for tomorrow because that is when you will begin to shine your brightest. 

Life after high school is when you will embark on a journey that allows you to truly define yourself, discover your greatest passions, and start a completely new chapter that is completely written by you!

Whether this new chapter takes place at Notre Dame or somewhere else is a detail written somewhere in the first few pages. The rest of the story is up to you. 

So live in the moment today, have faith that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, and know that 6:42 PM will not be the end of your chapter - it is the beginning of something much greater.