Ask An Intern: Getting In

Author: Lisa von Werder

Lisa Fun

Q:  If I get accepted for the Fall 2020 semester, can I still enroll for Spring 2021 or do I have to be accepted again?

A: If you choose not to enroll for the Fall semester, you will need to reapply for any following semesters. But don’t worry—if you were accepted once, you’re much more likely to be accepted again!


Q: Should I apply if I’m an A/B student (unweighted)?

A: I understand that an unweighted A/B GPA may look discouraging on paper when you want to apply to Notre Dame. But if you can afford to throw your hat in the ring, go for it! That being said, ND looks more at class ranking placement rather than GPA, and beyond that, extracurricular activities and involvement in other projects and programs will make your application more attractive. Grades that aren’t “ideal” shouldn’t stop you from pursuing an education at Notre Dame if that’s what you really want. Just make sure you have other things going for you!


Q: Can I transfer after completing an Associate’s Degree from a community college?

A: So this is a little complicated—this is something I would contact ND Admissions about directly (try calling 574-631-7505 or emailing But here’s what I’ve got for you:

You can apply to transfer after completing 1 or 2 years of study at another college, but you do have to complete a minimum of 60 credits while you’re at Notre Dame (that’s 4 full 15-credit semesters). Each college and major has its own requirements for classes, so you may be able to apply only for specific programs. Additionally, incoming juniors have a much smaller rate of admission, mostly due to having to complete the full undergraduate program in time. The admissions process is just about as competitive as regular first-year admissions.