Ask An Intern: FAQ Undergraduate Admissions

Author: Catherine O'Leary

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Does Notre Dame track interest? Is it worthwhile for us to attend a local information session if we have already done a campus visit?

Notre Dame does not track prospective student interest. If you have already done a campus visit, then the local information sessions may not offer any new facts or statistics on the university. However, I personally would still attend the local information session. These sessions are usually conducted by important figures within the admissions network who could offer a unique perspective on the university, student experience, and the admissions process. Also, the more exposure a student has to Notre Dame, as with any university, the more they will be able to judge whether it is the right fit for them. 

Is Mendoza harder to get into than the College of Arts and Letters?

Notre Dame does not release their admissions statistics for the varying schools of study. However, Mendoza College of Business does have a supplementary application that the other schools of study do not have. Upon being admitted to the university, students will be informed of their acceptance into Mendoza. There is also a transfer application for students to enter Mendoza College of Business if they were not enrolled in the college upon acceptance. Because of this secondary or supplemental application to the business school, it is more selective than the College of Arts and Letters.

When deciding whether or not to apply restrictive early action, what should prospective students keep in mind? When is the best time for students to apply for the highest chance of getting in?

When deciding whether to apply restrictive early action or regular decision, a student should keep a few things in mind. First, if the student does decide to apply early, then they can still apply to other Early Action programs, but they cannot apply to other binding Early Decision programs. Second, the best time to apply is definitely different for every candidate. One consideration for applying Early Action is that since the Admissions Committee accepts the most students during the Regular Decision deadline. This then allows a more conservative view on their admissions decisions during the Early Action period. Therefore, only the top ranges of the applicant pool are advised to apply to Notre Dame during the Early Action period.