Campus Resource: The Office of Student Enrichment Ensures Every Student Gets the Full Notre Dame Experience

Author: Jennifer Pittman


The University strives to ensure that every student is cared for. We want you to be able to define your Notre Dame experience based on what's meaningful to you. If that means conducting research, attending every home football game, or just getting the help you need to complete your chem lab homework—we are here to support you. 

One of the ways we put our commitment into action is through the Office of Student Enrichment (OSE). This office is a resource for our students, especially those who are under-resourced or first-generation college students navigating college life on their own.

OSE is anchored by the tenets to Inform, Include, and Invest. As advocates for our students, the office informs the greater Notre Dame community of issues faced by our high-achieving/under-resourced students; includes and assists as many students as possible; and invests in our students financially.

“The Office of Student Enrichment is here to assist students in having the Notre Dame experience they are hoping to," says Director Consuela Howell. "We do not want finances to be the barrier to taking part in on-campus social experiences or affording needs such as winter clothing and laptops."

She adds a special greeting for the newly admitted Class of 2024: "We are here as a support to first-generation, under-resourced students and are excited to meet you!"

 OSE supports students through:

  • Programs that address academic, social, and professional needs
  • Financial resources such as the Opportunity Fund and the Student Experience Fund
  • Support for DACA students
  • Support during times of crisis, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic

OSE continually seeks ways to support our under-resourced students and communication with students is key to their endeavors. 

To learn more, check our ND Live event on First-Generation Student Life featuring Director Consuela Howell, admissions and financial aid staff, and a current student. We'll post it as soon as it's available.