Congratulations! You Have Been Matched! 

Author: Luzolo Matundu

Luzolo Matundu Headshot

Congratulations to the Questbridge National College Match Scholars! Welcome Home! 

I matched to Notre Dame through Questbridge 3 years ago on December 2, 2019. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in my AP BC Calculus class, which started at 1:50pm. I knew that decisions would be released at 2pm since the decisions for finalists were released at that time a few weeks prior. Unfortunately, I was wrong. Instead of knowing if I matched or not in the next 10 minutes, I spent the next TWO HOURS refreshing my email inbox every few minutes. I just wanted to know already. After class, I went to choir practice. Life must go on. I told myself I’d get the email eventually. It would be nice if I got the email now though…still nothing. After a while, my phone was almost dead, and I was so annoyed that I put the phone on the opposite side of the room to charge. I could not look at it anymore. How could Questbridge play with my emotions like this?! 

The choir split up into sections, so I joined the altos in a practice room. Even though I did not want to look at my phone, I still kept wondering if I got the email. Eventually, I walked out of the practice room to check my phone. “Questbridge 23 min ago.” Mentally, I froze. I put my phone down, grabbed my laptop from my backpack, and went back into the practice room. I opened the screen and read the email which directed me to my account on the Questbridge website. My friend Grace is also an alto, so I told her what was happening. She told me to open the letter. I said no and closed my laptop. I was nervous, but at the same time I had a gut feeling that I matched to one of the schools I ranked. 5 minutes later, I opened my computer and clicked on the link to read the letter. It said “Congratulations! You have been matched!” in big red letters. Grace cheered, grabbed my arm, pulled me out of the practice room, and told me to tell everyone the good news. 

Being matched to Notre Dame has changed my life. At first it was weird to be committed to a school before all of my friends since REA decisions were not released for another two weeks. My account on the Notre Dame website did not update until then either. But soon after I was at peace because I knew where I was going to be for the next four years so early, I did not have to apply to any more schools, and I did not have to stress about choosing between schools. 

For those of you who matched, YES this is really happening! You did this, so you should be proud of this accomplishment! For those of you who did not match, that’s okay. Questbridge also has a regular decision option, and at Notre Dame, the “package” is the same as scholars who matched. Use this as another opportunity to apply to schools! All Questbridge scholars (match or regular decision) will receive a generous amount of financial aid and are treated equally here. I know you really want to see your financial package now, but it will take a few months so be patient. When you get it, it will blow your mind. 

On campus we have many clubs and organizations for first generation and low income students. These clubs are the Questbridge Chapter of the University of Notre Dame, the Office of Student Enrichment, 1st Gen ND, and the AnBryce Scholars Initiative. I encourage you to learn more about them through their websites and their Instagram accounts. Feel free to reach out to students and staff as well. We would love to hear from you, congratulate you directly, and offer you our support! 

Again, CONGRATULATIONS! I’m glad you are joining the Questbridge family and our Notre Dame family! I can not wait to meet you under the golden dome in the fall of 2023.