Countdown to Early Action: 5 Global Gateways

Author: Randi McQueen

5 Days

Just because the Golden Dome is situated in South Bend, Indiana, that doesn’t mean Notre Dame’s presence is isolated within its borders! Notre Dame boasts over 5 Global Gateways, cultural hubs located around the world where students, professors, and other professionals collide to learn and gain different perspectives. Each gateway houses a variety of Notre Dame employed staff, coordinates student field trips and programs, hosts lectures and classes, and much more. 

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Located just a block from the Colosseum, the Rome Global Gateway not only hosts Third Year Architecture students, but it also boasts a variety of programs year round, even for high school students. A large terrace on the top of the building is a favorite spot for students to share lunch together, get some sun, and watch the sunset over the Colosseum.


Also located in the heart of the city, the London Global Gateway boasts both an academic building, Fischer Hall, and a residence building, Conway Hall. Just steps from Trafalgar Square, Fischer Hall hosts student classes, lectures, and more year round.


Beijing is home to Notre Dame’s Global Gateway presence in Asia. The School of Architecture, the Departments of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, and the Indian Studies program all host summer opportunities in China in coordination with the Beijing Global Gateway. 




When the Fighting Irish want to go back to their humble roots, they head to the Emerald Isle! The O’Connell House hosts a variety of summer internships and various academic programs for students of all ages. Additionally, a number of events are held here year round. 



In the Middle East, the Jerusalem Global Gateway, over 100,000 square feet, welcomes various Notre Dame summer programs along with sabbatical programs and continuing education. This campus is also a popular destination for retreats and conferences due to its gardens and size.