Ensuring Success after the Career Fair

Author: Jenny Moore

Congratulations on making it through the career fair! Your resume was perfectly polished, you rocked the professional business look, and you nailed your elevator pitches. The hard part is done, but the work to securing your dream job has only just begun. The steps you take after the career fair are almost as important as the impression you made at the fair itself.

Here are a few tips to make sure you maximize your experience:

Follow Up with Recruiters

Take that stack of business cards and fire off some emails. Thank recruiters for their time and emphasize your interest in the open position you’re after and the company itself. Be sure to tie in something specific from your initial conversation to help them remember you and to stand out.

Make Sure Your LinkedIn Profile is Up-To-Date

Recruiters are using LinkedIn more and more to seek out and vet ideal candidates. It’s important that your profile is cleaned up with accurate and updated information.

Practice Your Interview Skills

The weeks after a career fair can be booked up quickly with networking events and interviews. Take time to practice interviews, whether it be running through cases or doing mock interviews (the Center for Career Development offers this opportunity!).

Keep Learning

Take a step back and evaluate what you can take away from the career fair. What went well and what could have gone better? Do some research on some of the companies that really caught your eye and learn as much as you can about them – culture, company history, current events, etc. This knowledge will serve you well in future communications with your top companies and help you discern what you are looking for in your career.

Remember, the Career Fair isn’t all or nothing for your career - there are so many opportunities out there to finding the perfect job for you, from websites like Indeed or Glassdoor to utilizing the vast Notre Dame network like IrishCompass (a mentoring program) and GoIrish (a Notre Dame job recruiting platform).

Your dream job is out there…now go get it!