FaithND: Join a Community of Faith Even Before You Get to Campus

Author: Putt, Karen

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Your college years are a time for growth in all areas of your life. As a Notre Dame student, you'll find opportunities to examine your spiritual beliefs in new ways. That includes new ways to express your faith and spirituality, as well as sharing in a community that supports your spiritual growth. 

One way to participate in our faith community before you get here is through the Notre Dame Alumni Association, which welcomes students and their families to the FaithND outreach program.

FaithND is a comprehensive and interactive resource for people of faith who are interested in exploring spirituality, prayer, service, and the intellectual aspects of faith, particularly the Roman Catholic tradition.

But you don't need to be Catholic to participate. (Check out resources for students of other faiths via Notre Dame Campus Ministry.)

There are several ways to get involved with FaithND before you even set foot on campus.

Request a Grotto Prayer

Your prayer will be offered at the Grotto by a volunteer and a candle representing all prayer requests remains perpetually lit. Visit FaithND to get started. 

Share in Lenten Reflection

Songs of Notre Dame: A Lenten Offering which is not only a great opportunity for reflection—it's also an introduction to our campus choirs. Along with a timely reflection, you'll enjoy beautiful recordings of songs performed by our Notre Dame ensembles. The lyrics are provided, so you can sing or follow along in reflection and praise.

New meditations are shared on Mondays and Fridays during Lent, every day of Holy Week through the Octave of Easter. Featured choirs include the Liturgical Choir, Women’s Liturgical Choir, Voices of Faith, and the Folk Choir. See Monday's reflection.

Sign Up for the Daily Gospel Reflection

FaithND also provides a Daily Gospel Reflection, which includes the Gospel reading for the day, a short reflection written by a member of the Notre Dame family, a prayer composed by a Holy Cross priest, and a link to learn more about the saint of the day. The email is sent daily and is open to anyone. Sign up here.

Listen to Everyday Holiness

The site also features the Everyday Holiness Podcast. Two seasons of the podcast are available, and you’ll hear from students, their families, alumni, faculty, and staff as they discuss living out their individual vocations and the universal call to holiness.

Learn More 

Check out Notre Dame Campus Ministry, which is committed to cultivating the faith of all Notre Dame students.