Fall Break Musings

Author: Julia Tombari


It's that time of year again - midterms and the seemingly endless cycle of exams. Walk around campus and you can see the stress in the air as students huddle over their laptops past midnight in the library, or buy a midnight snack at the many cafes on campus.

Fall break, to many students, is a godsend - a time to unwind from the stress of school and the commitments that such a lifestyle of an ND student has. I left campus relieved to be able to spend a week to myself and not have to think about school. As a sophomore starting a business track, the tests, papers and commitments this year are even more of a challenge than they were during my freshman year.

Although I was hundreds of miles away from the Dome, I soon realized that the spirit and essence of ND was with me. Whether it be sitting on my couch and screaming at the television during the ND vs. FSU game, or enthusiastically chatting with my uncles (both ND alums), I realized that ND had truly become a part of my identity.

As I come back to campus from fall break, I am reminded of why I call ND home. The leaves are gorgeous and radiant as ever, and seeing the sight of the Dome through the trees gives me an indescribable bliss. Walking around campus this fall afternoon, I am reminded that despite the hectic schedules and activities, ND is part of who I am and I hope to carry it in my heart for life.

The spirit and zeal of ND is unavoidable, and you can feel it in the spiritual, academic, and social aspects of campus. Take a walk on campus, and you will find some part of that spirit during your journey as well.