Finding On-Campus Jobs at Notre Dame

Author: Luzolo Matundu

When thinking about job searches in a college setting, people tend to think about career opportunities post graduation. But there is another job search that is not talked about as much: searching for jobs on campus that provide employment during the academic year.

Notre Dame has a variety of job opportunities that students can pursue. Some jobs require you to work at specific hours while others allow you to do independent work on your own time. They accommodate for class and some even accommodate for extracurricular activities. They are often flexible since they understand the life of a college student can get busy and overwhelming very quickly. Some jobs are so flexible that students get paid to do homework while working at a front desk.

Luzolo Matundu poses in front of the newly redesigned Dei Center in LaFortune Student Center.
Luzolo Matundu ‘24 at the grand opening and reveal of the grand staircase for the new Center for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the LaFortune Student Center.

There are multiple places where you can look for jobs on campus. Most job openings are highlighted in the JOBboard but others can be found in emails. Students can find jobs through work-studies, campus restaurants, dining halls, tutoring, front desks, internships, research, assisting a cause, and so much more. These jobs can be on campus or in the local South Bend community. The possibilities are endless! If there is a place on campus you would like to work, but do not know if they are hiring, you can always email the organization to ask and learn more.

There are also many benefits to having a job on campus. First, having a job allows students to earn some extra cash. While college tuition is expensive, so is college life, which is not included in these costs. Having a job allows students to pay for college and for any college-related expenses that might come up while on campus. Jobs in your undergraduate career also give students work experience that can be useful when building resumes and applying for jobs post graduation. They allow students the opportunity to network and build skills to make them ideal candidates that employers would want to hire post graduation!

During my job search, I knew I wanted jobs that were more fun and interactive. I currently have two jobs on campus. My first job is as an digital media intern for ND Admissions (which is how I write these blog posts). I applied for this job because I love sharing about Notre Dame and answering questions. We have one weekly meeting to go over tasks, and we complete these tasks on our own time. I really like my job at ND Admissions because I get to help prospective students during their college admissions process, and I get to live out my childhood dream of being an influencer through working on social media platforms.

My other job on campus is as a senior fellow for Multicultural Student Programs and Services (MSPS). Throughout my time at Notre Dame, I have been very involved in multicultural life through planning and attending events. Since I am passionate about multicultural efforts on campus and have been very involved in this area, applying to be a senior fellow just made sense. What makes this year even more special as a senior fellow in the office is the grand opening of the new Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the LaFortune Student Center. I am honored and excited to be a part of the first group of senior fellows that can make this space a home for students on campus. While passion for the work I was doing was a required criteria for my job search on campus, it does not have to be for everyone. Jobs are a great way to just make a bit of extra money too.

There is never a short supply of side hustles at Our Lady’s University. While balancing classes, a job, extracurriculars, alone time, and a social life can be a lot to handle, there are so many jobs available at Notre Dame that one is bound to fit your busy schedule and interests. And with a campus minimum wage of $15, it is definitely something that all students should consider pursuing.