A Definitive Ranking of Notre Dame's Food Masses

Author: Mary Kate Healey

On campus, mass is celebrated over 140 times per week. Every dorm has mass at least twice a week in their chapel, on Sunday and at least one other day. For many dorms, their weekday mass is a great time to also share snacks afterwards! I believe there is no better way to meet new people and talk about faith than over a delicious treat, so I compiled an objective list of the best options on campus. For the complete list, check out the website here!


5. Cavanaugh Crepes (Monday 10 p.m.)

Cavanaugh Chapel 4

Are we in Indiana, or a French cafe? This Monday mass starts off your week right, and because Cavanaugh is located centrally on campus, it’s convenient for everyone.


4. Duncan Donuts (Tuesday 9 p.m.)

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The pun alone gets Duncan onto the list, but the building also has a unique setup. They are the only dorm on campus where the chapel is on the second floor, which adds a layer of charm.


3. Sorin Chili (Wednesday 10 p.m.)


Although I am not personally the biggest chili fan, you really have to appreciate the amount of effort that goes into making an actual main course for all the mass-goers. This should not be a big surprise, however, as Sorin likes to take their Sorin pride to the next level.


2. Pasquerilla East Berries (Wednesday 10 p.m.)

Pe Chapel 3

PE Berry Mass strikes the perfect balance between healthy and delicious. Unlike most masses, Berry Mass is actually celebrated only by candlelight.


1. Dillon Milkshakes (Thursday 10 p.m.)


For anyone who hasn’t been, it is hard to truly understand the experience that is Milkshake Mass. This event is so popular people have to plan ahead  and arrive early to guarantee a seat. No worries, though, there is plenty of room to stand by the walls and sit on the floor – both of which are necessary to fit everyone. And the milkshakes – 10/10.