Friday Fives: Top 5 Doors on Campus

Author: Augie Collins

Though it was no easy task, the Notre Dame New Media Interns present to you the top five doors on campus as part of a new ongoing “Friday Fives” segment. Each week we’ll pick a part of Notre Dame that we love, and show you the five best examples every Friday at 5:00 PM. Enjoy!


5. The Entrance to Nanovic Hall

In fifth place, is the set of three doors adorning the entrance to Nanovic Hall -- the state-of-the-art new home to the Department of Economics, Political Science, and Sociology, their affiliated center and programs, and the Nanovic Institute for European Studies. Nanovic Hall includes laboratory and research spaces, classrooms, and offices, all designed to encourage interaction between faculty, undergraduates, and graduate students.




4. The Debartolo Center for Performing Arts (DPAC) Entrance

The large, arched doorway (with several lime bikes for scale) of the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center (DPAC) takes fourth place in this week’s Friday Top Five. DPAC is an inclusive destination for enjoying the region’s premier cinematic and performing arts programs. An extensive schedule of independent art house film screenings and the Presenting Series’ season of music, dance, and theater reflect Notre Dame’s Catholic character and the academy’s pursuit of knowledge.



3. The Doors to the Main Building

A list of the top doors on campus would be empty without including the doorway to the Golden Dome itself! Though you may have to wait to see them up close, as students refrain from walking up the steps to the main building due to the age-old tradition that says doing so will lead the individual to not graduate, the ornate doors are a sight to behold.




2. The Entrance to South Dining Hall

Taking second place is the entrance to South Dining Hall, one of the most recognizable entryways for students on campus. In the early days of its operation, students dressed in coat and tie and dined family style. Today, students come as they are to take advantage of modern kitchen facilities and a food court design that blend with the building’s original murals, stone fireplaces and oak tables and chairs.




1. The God, Country, Notre Dame Door on the East Side of the Basilica

The champion spot for the top door on campus goes to the “God, Country, Notre Dame” door on the East side of the Basilica. Dedicated on Memorial Day, 1924 as a World War I memorial, the door was the natural place to hold mass on Memorial Day and other military occasions for many years. Today, the door stands as a constant reminder for Notre Dame’s close ties to both its Catholic identity and military involvement.