Friday Fives: Top 5 Signature Dorm Events

Author: Augie Collins

For this week's Friday Five, we take a look at the top five signature dorm events on campus! While it's a fierce debate between dorms as to who boasts the best event, here's our take on what we think are some of the classics. Enjoy!

5. Pop Farley Week


In the honor of Fr. Farley, the women of Farley devote an entire week to celebration. Events include ice skating, Skit Night, and a Christmastime decorating extravaganza. 

Polar Plunge

4. Badin Polar Bear Plunge

South Bend has notoriously long winters, but why wait until the spring to plunge into St. Joseph’s Lake. Every year, Badin Hall sponsors a winter polar plunge. Participants are given the privilege jump into the lake and proceeds are given to charity. 

3. Carroll Christmas

Carroll Christmas

A wintertime spectacle, complete with Santa, sleigh rides, and karaoke, Carroll Christmas is a Notre Dame Christmastime tradition. In the midst of studying, final projects, and papers, Notre Dame comes together to celebrate the meaning of Christmas. The day culminates with an official tree-lighting ceremony. 


2. Fisher Regatta

A springtime tradition, the Fisher Regatta reigns as the second-place dorm event. Every dorm can enter the competitive competition. The one caveat: the boat must be entirely handmade. Students turn out in drives to watch the boats race (or sink) to superiority. 

1.Keenan Revue


A campus favorite: the Keenan Revue is Notre Dame’s most revered dorm event. The event, which occurs every February, is a three-night extravaganza of comedy, music, and miscellaneous talent, on behalf of a local charity. A campus sensation, students withstand the South Bend cold to secure a ticket to the unmissable event.