Friday Fives: Top 5 Study Spots on Campus

Author: Augie Collins

We just wrapped up finals week here on campus, and selfishly we didn't want to give away our favorite study spots until they were vacant for you to explore! Whether you’re early to rise or always late to the study party, there’s sure to be a spot for you. Check out five of our favorite on-campus study locations:


CoMo Study Lounge – Coleman-Morse Building

Coleman Morse

Kicking off our top five is perhaps the most classic study spot on the list; it checks all the boxes for coziness, a quiet atmosphere, and also coffee and tea provided by Campus Ministry in the building! Located in Coleman-Morse (or CoMo as it is usually called) on South Quad, the study lounge usually fills up fairly quick as the space is not too large. If you’re looking to get a spot here, be sure to make it to campus early in the morning! Also it’s worth noting that CoMo is located right across the quad from South Dining Hall, making it the perfect location for taking quick study breaks to eat.

Mc 1

Jan and Marty Hiller Midfield Commons – Duncan Student Center

At number four is the Jan and Marty Hiller Midfield Commons located in the Duncan Student Center. While the Commons are the newest addition to Notre Dame’s study spaces on campus, they’ve quickly become one of the student’s favorites, filled with natural light and an energetic buzz. Situate yourself by the massive fireplace if you’re looking to escape the cold, or sprawl out on the large wooden stairs leading to the second floor if you want to study with a view! It also doesn’t hurt that studying at the Commons puts you right in the middle of some of the campus’ best dining and coffee options, too...

The 10th Floor of the Hesburgh Library

Library Tenth Floor

For those who believe that silence is truly golden, our third pick on the list is definitely for you. The 10th floor of the library was one of the first floors to get a full makeover as part of the Hesburgh Library’s renovation process, and the floor was tailored just for students looking to study. As you go up the floors in the library, they become more and more quiet, and the tenth floor is nearly silent. If you get here early enough, you can even find yourself a window seat facing the Dome! If not though, you can still find a place among the shelves to osmotically absorb all the knowledge from the books you were supposed to read.

Sandner 2

Remick Commons – Carole Sandner Hall

Taking the number two spot is the Remick Commons; one of my personal favorite places to study. Located in Carole Sandner Hall (The ACE Building) right behind the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, it’s the perfect location to set up camp for a full day of studying. While there are also spots to study on the second floor of Carole Sandner, the Remick Commons provides a very conducive atmosphere for buckling down to get work done, with large tables and a fireplace to sit by for knocking out some heavy reading. One of the best parts, if not the best, is that there is also free coffee, tea, hot chocolate, drinks and snacks provided right next door! 

The 2nd Floor of the Hesburgh Library

Library 2nd Floor

And finally, the top place the study on campus: the second floor of the Hesburgh Library! With the latest phase of the Hesburgh Library renovations, the second floor has been transformed into a place with too many study spots to count. If you want to get a couple friends together to study, book a study room through the library website. Or if you prefer to do your work on a larger computer (maybe even two!), head over to one of the many computer hubs on the opposite side of the floor. While the second floor is generally louder, there’s even a reading room where it’s so silent you can hear a pin drop, and sneezing is almost considered a crime. Considering all these factors, the second floor of the library offers the best study experience through and through.