Friday Fives: Top 5 Winter Views on Campus

Author: Augie Collins

Hey everybody! The students of Notre Dame are finally back on campus and settled in after a long winter break, and the snow and cold temperatures are definitely in full swing. With a fresh coat of snow blanketing the campus though, we can easily think of at least five reasons why Notre Dame is one of the most beautiful campuses in the winter! That being said, we present to you the top five winter views on campus.


Log1 Lg

5. The Log Chapel

This intimate lakeside worship space is used regularly for Masses, but it serves also as a reminder of Notre Dame’s earliest days. The current Log Chapel is a replica of the one built by Rev. Stephen Badin in 1831 as a missionary headquarters for northern Indiana, as the original was destroyed by fire. In the winter, the chapel looks like something out of a fairy tale, and perhaps the coziest place on campus.

4. Clarke Memorial Fountain ("Stonehenge")

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The Clarke Memorial Fountain, referred to as "Stonehenge" by the student body, is one of the most popular meeting places on campus. The fountain is a memorial for Notre Dame's fallen war veterans, and is a beautiful sight to see when snow falls before the fountain is shut off for the winter months.

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3. The Grotto

While the Grotto looks beautiful in the spring and summer as the flowers bloom, it takes on another type of beauty in the winter when the glow of the lit candles can be seen amidst the snow. The silence of winter turns the Grotto into an even more surreal and spiritual place, as students come from all around campus to offer up prayers.

2. St. Mary's Lake

Ducks Snow

When it comes to winter views, the lakes are hard to beat. Though there might be one spot that can do it. . . . Though both lakes are resplendent in the winter, St. Mary's lake edges out St. Joseph's by just a little bit, as it's frozen surface can make for quite the sight (St. Joseph's Lake stays warmer due to warm water outputted by the Notre Dame power plant).  

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1. The View Down God Quad

Taking the top spot, unsurprisingly, is the view down God Quad during the winter. The view is one of the most iconic for Notre Dame, and walking down the Quad with snow on the trees and the dome in the distance is an unparalleled sight. It makes walking to and from class just a little bit easier during the cold winter months.