Friday Fives: Top Spots to get Coffee on Campus

Author: Jarissa Sabal

StarbucksPhoto courtesy of Notre Dame Campus Dining

5. Starbucks

The most well known and probably most visited coffee spot on campus. Located in the LaFortune Student Center in the middle of campus, it is not unusual to see lines of students stretching far into the hallway as they rush for a pick me up in between classes. 











4. Decio Commons

This hidden spot is found in Decio Faculty Hall, and you know they step it up for the professors. Though this spot is far from the most well known, fans of Decio Commons will make sure you know who they are. In addition to coffee, they offer some of the best made to order food on campus, so can you blame them?




3. Au Bon Pain

In it's prime location on the ground floor of the Hesburgh Library, Au Bon Pain (known much better as ABP) has fueled many late night study sessions. In addition to flavored coffees and espresso drinks, they offer different types of food and fresh pastries, making it not only a late night necessity but also a great way to treat yourself for working hard.




dscPhoto courtesy of University of Notre Dame

2. Hagerty Family Cafe

The newest addition on this list, Hagerty Family Cafe is easily found in the new Duncan Student Center. Students are able to chose from drip coffees, espresso drinks, smoothies, gelato, and crepes. Hagerty also has a large seating area that houses student performers on Thursday nights for Acousticafe, a campus wide open mic. 





waddicksPhoto courtesy of Notre Dame Campus Dining

1. Charron Family Commons

Renovated from the historic Waddicks and just opened this year, the Charron Family Commons sees tons of foot track. Found in O'Shaughnessy Hall, students coming to or from class rooms, or just passing through the building, often find themselves stopping for quick, cheap coffee and maybe a pastry to tide them over.