From NJ to ND

Author: Sarah Price

Hi everyone! My name is Sarah Price and I am beyond excited to get started as a sophomore intern for the Notre Dame Admissions Team! A little bit about me, I am from a larger suburban city in South Jersey named Mount Laurel where my friends call me by either my first AND last name or just “Sprice.” I am the fourth of six kids, three boys and three girls, but the only one that was privileged enough to grow up just 20 minutes outside of center city Philadelphia! Because of this, I was fortunate enough to learn from and with a multitude of cultures, people and experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today. One of the most influential people I have learned from was my mom, who has made and continues to make selfless sacrifices to better me not only as a student but as a woman in general. She is my hero and will be always! 

My mom always taught me that I had to put in the work needed to succeed and she pushed me to excel in the classroom since it would eventually be the key to many doors in my future. She is one of the major reasons why I am here at Notre Dame and pursuing a double major in Economics and Sociology with a minor in International Development Studies. If you have a phenomenal memory and recall my Takeover Tuesday on Snapchat (thanks again Brandon) from late November 2017, you will notice that I have changed my major from Spanish to Sociology. I changed my major at the beginning of this academic year because while I enjoyed Spanish, I recently took my first sociology course and completely fell in love with the sociological thought process. I knew instantly that this was the missing piece to my collegiate studies. I now explain my academic path to others as Economics teaches me how people, firms, and nations make the decisions they do, and Sociology allows me to understand what factors have influenced those same people to make the decisions they did. Finally, International Development Studies synthesizes the socio-economic factors and determines what propels or inhibits its successes. All of this culminates in a deep desire to go to Law School.

Beyond academics, my first year was the by far the best year of my life. Notre Dame opened new doors that previously never existed for me. I became a part of an amazing dorm community, Badin Hall, and cultivated friendships that I am sure will last a lifetime. I love my Badin sisters so much that they somehow convinced me to play interhall flag football even though I was never a football fan and only have extensive athletic experience in softball. Although difficult to get the hang of at first, I had the best time playing every Sunday night and eventually making it to the semi-finals! I also joined a few academic and cultural campus clubs on campus, my favorite of which is Shades of Ebony (a Black women’s community that promoted academic and social excellence). 

Outside of the classroom and extracurricular clubs, I managed to also be employed as an Irish Ambassador for Notre Dame Football Recruiting. I get to see a lot of the behind the scenes work that the players, coaches, and staff put in so that they can play successfully at the highest level of college football! Additionally and the only reason I am able to write to you guys today is that I have been afforded the opportunity to work alongside some pretty amazing people here through Notre Dame Office of Undergraduate Admissions! You can find me behind the camera of @ndadmissions on Instagram with some pretty amazing sites and events on campus.

Please reach out, comment, or DM me, I’d love to hear from each and every one of you all!!! #GoIrish