Fun Facts about LaFun

Author: Mary Kate Healey

In December 2017, the new Duncan Student Center will open, 134 years after LaFortune Student Center (the then-science building) was built. Sure, the new building will have plenty of assets, but the student have no doubt that LaFortune will stay a popular on-campus spot for 134 more years to come. Here are some fun facts about this oldie but goodie.

1. We call it “LaFun.”

Oh, the youth and their slang.

2. It was originally the science building.


From 1883-1952, this building housed classrooms, chemistry labs, a museum of geological artifacts, and even aeronautical experiments. The eastern labs remained in the building until 1957.

3. It was (co-)designed by a priest.

Rev. John Zahm, C.S.C,, along with Willoughby J. Edbrooke, designed the building.

4. You can get a hotdog there for 25 cents.

After midnight, you can get a “quarter dog” at The Huddle, our campus mini-mart. It’s not uncommon to see an RA carrying a whole arm full of them back to his or her dorm for the residents.

5. The basement is almost always open.


With the exception of breaks, during the academic year the basement is open 24 hours a day. The booths in the basement are a highly-coveted asset at all hours because they are spacious, comfortable, and have two outlets. The basement also hosts "Acousticafe," an event where student musicians can perform in a casual environment.

6. Students have friends at FedEx.

When you need something printed really nicely on campus, you go to the FedEx. For those who find themselves there often, usually design majors or club presidents, it isn’t uncommon that they know everyone who works there.

7. The information desk has a mini-bookstore.

The information desk sells t-shirts, bumper stickers, key chains, and other ND merchandise. It also serves as a ticket office for many student-run productions.

8.  It also houses the radio stations—and their famous green wall.

Img 1074

WSND and WVFI are both housed in the second floor. They have pretty incredible studios, and if you have a DJ friend, they just might invite you to visit and co-star. They also have a beautiful wall leading up to their studio, which is one of the more Instagram-famous spots in the building.