Get Involved: Dance at Notre Dame

Author: Hailey Oppenlander

  1. DanceCo

If you danced at a dance studio in high school, DanceCo is a similar experience, except it’s all student-run! DanceCo consists of three companies: Gold (advanced), Blue (intermediate), and TapCo (a tap company). We have a showcase every semester featuring routines choreographed by our members in a variety of styles, such as contemporary, hip-hop, ballet, and jazz. DanceCo also runs a free dance class for young children at the Notre Dame Center for Civic Innovation. The kids perform a routine at our showcase too!

  1. Kpop Dance Group

During the pandemic, I went down the Kpop rabbit hole and started learning some of the genre’s most iconic dances. I was so excited to learn that there was a group here dedicated to learning these Kpop routines! We learn Kpop dances from a variety of groups and eras, then we perform these dance covers at on-campus showcases like Asian Allure and Seoul’d Out.

  1. NDSMC Ballroom Club

Whether you’ve never danced before or can’t count the number of times you’ve hit the stage,the NDSMC Ballroom Club is open to all. The group hosts lessons in a variety of styles, from Latin (international Cha Cha, international Rumba, Samba, and Jive) to American dances (Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, Swing, Mambo and more). Try beginning or advanced lessons based on your experience level, or check out the social lessons for a less-technical, approachable environment. They compete in collegiate dancesport competitions and host their own Irish Dancesport Gala. Even without a dance floor, they know how to shine — I really enjoyed their flash performance at South Dining Hall my sophomore year!

  1. Swing Club

Swing club is also open to dancers of all levels and hosts weekly lessons covering all styles of swings and blues. Some of their biggest events include a themed dance featuring a live band and sock hop dances. My roommates and I went for a few lessons freshman year and had so much fun! They teach you all the basics and you get to dance with a variety of partners so you’ll meet new people. Somehow I’m still on the email listserv, and I can confirm that their emails are quite entertaining. 

  1. Irish Dance Team

The Irish Dance Team brings Notre Dame’s Irish connection to the stage with impressive synchronicity. They perform around campus at Football Fridays, basketball games, pep rallies and their annual showcase. They also compete in collegiate Irish Dance competitions, even traveling to southern Ireland.

  1. Ballet Folklorico Azul y Oro

Ballet Folklorico’s mission is to bring traditional Latino folk dances to the campus community. You can appreciate their stunning outfits and routines at the MSPS multicultural showcase, the Latinx Student Alliance’s Latin Expressions show, and more.

  1. Troop ND

TroopND is a jazz and hip-hop dance team that choreographs high-energy routines. Through dance and the hip-hop and jazz music behind it, they aim to promote multiculturalism at Notre Dame. They perform in shows like the Latinx showcase, Africa Night, Welsh Fam Dance Fest, and their own TroopND showcase.

  1. Project Fresh

Project Fresh is a hip-hop dance group (that WHAT) a range of styles, from popping to heels to waacking. They hold a showcase every spring semester called the Project Fresh Show, and they can also be found performing at other campus performances like Asian Allure, Black Images, the Welsh Family Dance Fest, and more.

  1. Dance Africa

Dance Africa excels in African dance — West African, East African, and more — and can be found performing at many different shows around campus, often at events for the African Student Association or the Black Cultural Arts Council. They accept dancers with a variety of skill levels of experience.

  1. Pom Squad

The Pom Squad is a jazz and poms group that performs at sports events such as pep rallies and basketball games as well as campus events like the Bookstore Basketball Championships and The Shirt unveiling. See the members outside the bookstore and near the stadium during the afternoons on Football Fridays!

  1. Transpose Dance Collective

Transpose is a dance group covering a variety of styles that is open to all. Their auditions are no-cut, so the group is open to everyone regardless of dance background or level. They also aim to take dance to non-traditional stages, taking their art to locations such as the Snite Museum of Art, LaFun Ballroom, or academic buildings.

  1. Hawaii Club

Though they put on a variety of cultural events and activities, the Hawaii Club’s largest event is their Lu’au each spring. At the Lu’au, members of the club perform traditional Hawaiian dance to bring the culture of the islands to Notre Dame.