Global Affairs Major Q&A: Eric Luo '25 Pursues In-depth Engagement with Global Issues

Author: Shannon Rooney


Sophomore Eric Luo is just diving into his major in global affairs at Notre Dame. So far, he appreciates the flexibility and in-depth look at global issues offered and looks forward to conducting research through the Keough School of Global Affairs in future years. 

In addition to several minors, the Keough School offers both a major and a supplementary major in global affairs. A supplementary major is pursued in addition to a primary major at Notre Dame. 

Below, Luo talks about his major, favorite class, and opportunities to globalize his education through the Keough School.   

Why did you choose to major in global affairs at Notre Dame? 

I chose to major in global affairs at ND because I wanted to have a more in-depth and hands-on engagement with global issues. I felt that the curriculum afforded to me through the political science program was very theoretical, but also limited due to the amount of electives that are needed that wouldn't allow me to explore all the topics I was interested in. I felt that the curriculum through the global affairs program gave me more flexibility and options to understand global issues.

Were you always interested in topics related to this major? 

Yes. Starting from the 2016 election, I became interested in politics and from there, my interest in global politics and events grew throughout my high school career and has extended into college. In particular, one issue I care most about is the potential of a nuclear war in the South China Sea with China’s increasing aggression.

What has been your favorite class in the program and why? 

My favorite class in the program has been Introduction to Peace Studies. I found the peace studies perspective one that I had not ever explored and understood and it was fascinating to learn about how conflict can be solved without war and through diplomacy and peace relations.

Have you conducted any related research or independent study?

Not yet, but I plan on conducting research through the Keough School in later years.

What makes the global affairs program at Notre Dame stand out among programs like it at other schools?

The hands-on experiences and wide breadth of classes give students in the global affairs program a broader global perspective and the perspective of how to use that knowledge for the best. Classes like the Ethical Practice Seminar make sure that students can use that global knowledge to ensure that they work for the most.

Do you have any advice for prospective students who are considering a major in global affairs? 

I would strongly recommend anyone interested in political science to look into the global affairs major. I find that the theoretical knowledge in "polisci" works well with the practical application of that knowledge in global affairs.

What are your career plans/post-graduation plans? 

I plan on making a career in Washington, D.C., working in global events and beyond just American politics/issues.


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