Happy Easter

Author: Sarah Price


Happy Easter!


April is here, and what greater way to celebrate the coming of spring, warm weather, and a new beginning than with the renewal of Easter.

As many of you have been recently accepted to our University, planning to transition to college, and enjoying the last few months in high school, keep one thing in mind. The Easter season, the triduum, and this past week is about much more than a religious observance. 

It is a sign that we all have the opportunity and power to create a fresh start in faith, academics, family, and life! Journey through previously uncharted waters and design your path in life with this cleared vision and new intent.

There is something special and secure in that knowledge - especially after such trying times. Yet, no matter what cross we may bear in life, there is light at the end of it all. 

So, enjoy this little Easter break and take in the meaning of this holiday in context with all that you have been through. 

Once again, happy Easter!