Happy Thanksgiving!

Author: Tajae Thompson

Thankful Graphic

During this season of giving, the ND Admissions intern team wanted to share what we are most grateful for at ND. From dining hall staff to the sounds of Tchaikovsky, there is a lot to be thankful for here on campus! 


I am thankful for the little moments that have made my time at Notre Dame so special. From visits to the Grotto or the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, to conversations with employees in the LaFortune Student Center, to running into friends on the quad. All of these seemingly little things have had a big impact on me and on my Notre Dame journey thus far. Each day offers me a new opportunity to smile, and for this I am extremely thankful.


I am thankful for the Band and PEMCo communities for welcoming me into their families! I have loved meeting so many genuine and talented people over the years, and I truly owe some of my favorite college memories so far to these groups!!


This year, I’m especially grateful for the ability to dance and the friends it has brought me here at Notre Dame. To my fellow ND K-pop and DanceCo members — thank you for the joy you’ve brought to my life! I can’t wait to share the stage with you one final time next semester.


I’m thankful for the dorm community and the friends I was able to make that otherwise I would have never met. Go Keenan Knights!!!


After an unusual first year on campus, I am extremely thankful to get to experience the Notre Dame experience to the maximum! Thank you to the Notre Dame family for sharing their ND spirit with the student body at every game day and community event.


I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to study ideas that I am extremely passionate about. I am blessed to have incredible faculty in both the Neuroscience and Behavior, and Education, Schooling, and Society departments that push me to think critically about the world, and to use my knowledge for good in the world. 


Whenever I walk by my section’s bathroom in the witching hours of the night and hear Tchaikovsky blasting from the shower, I am reassured in knowing that Maks Kubicki is alive and well. Identifying your sectionmates’ identities from their shower music alone is only one of many nuanced skills that arises from living in the same hallway as your best friends. Moments like these have made me grateful for the fine gentlemen of Dillon Hall this year, along with their never-ending antics and buffoonery.


I’m so thankful for being able to experience all the wonderful seasons here at ND. Being from Miami, FL, I don’t get to see lots of change in the weather, so I’m so happy that I get to go to a school where every season is beautiful and vibrant. Even though I’m still getting used to the cold, I’m so happy that I get to go through it all with my ND family :) 


Something I am grateful for is the wonderful dining hall staff and our dorm housekeepers. There is a lot of hard work that goes into what they do, yet they are always smiling! I am so grateful for all that they have done for us and everything that they will do! Thank you so much for your kindness! 


I am thankful that I have found a group of friends with whom I get to create amazing memories with and make my days so much better. 

Happy Thanksgiving from our ND family to yours!