Hot Takes: East Quad is the Best Quad

Author: Sarah Price

Sarah 1

Here's a hot take... East Quad, the newest quad on campus, is the best quad.

I would not have said this in previous years but, now having lived on East Quad for an unusual month, I can confirm this unpopular opinion. Here are a few facts to support this bold claim:

  1. East Quad only consists of three dorms, Dunne, Flaherty, and Johnson Family. 

These halls are all brother-sister dorms and their spirit makes the quad a united place with three distinct personalities. This inter-dorm unity is hard to come by on other residential quads since they include dining halls, academic buildings, or even the bookstore.

  1. The East Quad lawn is just the right size.

Remember Goldie Locks? That's a perfect representation of East Quad. South Quad is so big, Mod Quad is so small, East Quad is just right. On the grass, we have outside eating (temporary for COVID) and still plenty of space for spike ball, volleyball, and the occasional Dunne golfer to play at any time of the day.

  1. We are close to...everything (that's truly important).

East Quad has one of the shortest walks to Hesburgh Library (featuring the incredible Library Lawn), the football stadium and athletic fields, common academic buildings like Duncan and Jordan Hall of Science, the Lakes, and several recreational fields! This long list includes just a few of the highlights of East Quad's proximity and doesn't even mention student parking, literally in the back yard. These amenities are much further when it comes to West Quad, South Quad, and even God Quad. Many are near North Quad and Mod Quad, but not all!

  1. East Quad has its very own soundtrack!

Ok, this is not literal. However, the famous Notre Dame band practices on the Ricci Fields just behind East Quad. So whenever you are walking back from class or even just sitting around in the dorm, the Fight Song, Alma Mater, or any number of game time classics are all within earshot. It is something that makes the Notre Dame experience that much more surreal. Trust me, it's not 24/7 but, band practice seems to be happening just when you need it most...or maybe I've begun to tune it out when it's inconvenient… 

  1. Did I say we were close to the stadium?

It has been a great honor living in Johnson Family Hall, and it has its perks. One of the advantages of living in Johnson Family Hall and I assume, some rooms in Flaherty, is that we have a clear view of the Fighting Irish's jumbotron. When the weather's poor, or when you prefer to watch the game from home, you quite literally can watch the game from home. There are no commentators, just the roar of the crowd and a view of every play, decision, and slo-mo replay in what seems to be a distant, but clear, television. Not everyone can say that they have had this privilege, and you can only say this if you live on East Quad.

Well, there you have it! My five reasons why East Quad is better than the other five residential quads on campus. Feel free to tell us your favorite Quads at Notre Dame on social media @ndamissions!