How To Combat The "Sunday Scaries"

Author: Hailey Oppenlander

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Although ~spooky season~ is coming to an end, my fellow college students know that not all spooky days are relegated to the month of October.

Case in point? The “Sunday Scaries.” 

Sure, haunted houses are pretty eerie, but can they really compare with that moment when it finally hits you that you have two exams, a paper, and what feels like a zillion meetings coming the week ahead? 

Just when you’re finally able to recover from the exhaustion of the previous week, all of the sudden it’s a new week with even more assignments and things to do. Sunday is the time when most students hit the books and prepare for the week ahead, but all that work looming ahead can be a bit scary.

So, what are the best ways to combat these Sunday Scaries?

  1. Don’t stay in one place all day. Although it can be tempting to hole up in your room or find a place to stake out in the library for hours on end, I’ve found that being in one spot for too long makes me go a little stir crazy and hinders my productivity. Try out a new study spot! If you’re planning on working in your room, make sure you go outside for a bit, whether it’s to take a walk around the lakes or even just to grab a meal. 
  2. Do something creative. My a cappella group rehearses on Sundays, and although on my way to rehearsal I’m always anxiously running through the list of things I have yet to do in my head, by the end of rehearsal, I’m always in a lighter mood. Singing is a great creative release, and it’s nice to focus on something non-academic for a little while. After rehearsals, I always feel like I can return to my work more refreshed and rejuvenated. 
  3. Try to spend (even a little) time with friends. Sunday night dinners with friends are the way that I take a short break from schoolwork. Meals are a great excuse to get out of your room and see people. Even studying with a friend can be a good way to avoid Sunday isolation. 
  4. Get a good night’s sleep the night before. I always feel best on Sundays when I’m well-rested. And if you can’t get a ton of sleep on Saturday night, take a 20 minute power nap the next day - it’ll help you focus better!
  5. Treat (don’t trick!) yourself. Sometimes even mini indulgences can help diminish the Sunday blues. Get a smoothie from Hagerty Family Cafe while studying! Grab a pastry to go from the dining hall! Listen to some music or watch last night’s SNL Cold Open! Doing even one small thing to bring you happiness can make studying a little less stressful.