Intern Wrapped: A Year in Review

Author: Tajae Thompson


This past year has been a whirlwind! We met so many new people and experienced so many new things. The ND Admissions Intern team reflected on this past year and shared some of their favorite moments from 2021 and things they look forward to in 2022. Here is Intern Wrapped: A Year in Review.


This semester has been hard–with new challenges presenting in different ways. I thought with the threat of COVID-19 in the rear-view mirror, life would return to a new normal. With increasingly difficult classes, weekends full of new social opportunities, and a calendar packed with in-person extracurricular activities, my semester in a wrap was stressful. Though, amongst the chaos of the semester and all of the highs and lows, I suddenly find this semester at an end–wishing for more time. While this fall was very demanding, I found an overwhelmingly majority of my experiences here so impactful and positive. From going to Chicago with friends for the Wisconsin game to staying up late passionately working on a research paper for my favorite class “Listening to the Gilded Age” to watching Coco in my dorm with my roommates, it is these moments that I will remember and embrace for years after my time here at Notre Dame comes to an end, not how I got a B in Moreau.


This semester was my favorite one so far! Though I just moved to Pasquerilla West Hall (shoutout weasels), it already feels like home, and I’ve met so many amazing friends on the fourth floor. Living with my best friend is so much fun, and I feel incredibly lucky that we get to spend all this time together before we graduate. Through joining a new dance group this semester, I’ve been able to meet so many new people whom I’ve gotten close with very quickly, and they bring me so much joy. Two of my best friends from back home also came to visit campus for the first time. I’m so grateful that this semester has been a wonderful blend of old and new relationships. Looking through my camera roll from the past four months makes me so happy, because it’s filled with people who make me smile!


This semester has been such a roller coaster but nevertheless my favorite so far! Last semester I accepted new leadership roles, a new job, and the Washington Program that would require me to find a semester internship for Spring of 2022. I was determined to excel in each of my new roles and responsibilities and I did but most importantly, along the way, I learned a lot about myself, the workforce, and those around me. I learned to always show up and be 100% present, give myself grace, and be transparent with others. Although there were lots of late nights, early mornings, and thousands of meetings, I am proud to say I successfully planned a state-wide support conference and obtained my number one choice internship with Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez. I hosted the first-ever LSA Dance Night and made the dean's list. Tears were shed, voices were lost, and friendships were made. I could not have done it all without the support of my professors, friends, and community leaders! Everyone played a part in making this semester the very best! Here are too many more!  


Finishing off my freshman year of college in the spring to now completing my first semester of sophomore year in the fall– what a year it has been! Academically, both semesters definitely challenged me and I’ve taken some of my toughest courses yet, but luckily, my professors and friends all helped me along the way to get to where I am now. Socially, I was able to meet a lot more people in the fall due to the lighter COVID restrictions, and I’m happy to welcome so many new people in my life. Spring semester, my favorite memories were joining the Magnificat Choir and singing alongside my new friends, seeing real snow for the first time and watching it melt into the spring season, and getting my COVID shots, knowing that I was keeping both myself and my community safe. During summer break, my favorite memories were completing a remote internship with the IT & Services department of the alumni network, going to the Grand Canyon and Orlando with my family, and seeing my younger sisters graduate from fifth and eighth grade. In the fall, my favorite memories were bonding with my quad mates and making new friends, fully enjoying the marching band and football game day experience, and going to Kansas City over fall break with my roommate. I’m so thankful that my family and friends have loved and supported me all year long, and I’m looking forward to new challenges and experiences in the new year!


These past few months have been nothing short of great. Through the end of summer, into fall, and then into the beginning of this winter, this semester has seen it all. As a senior, this was my second to last semester here at Notre Dame. While I often don’t want my time to end, this semester was so much fun. We were fortunate to have a more “normal” semester as compared to last year, which meant tailgates were back, in-person classes, and eating back in the dining halls. Some of my favorite memories were going to Chicago with friends for the football game at Soldier Field, enjoying a well-needed Fall Break for the first time in two years, and walking around campus without masks so I could see all of my peers. As a senior it is easy to think about how little time I have left, but both this past semester and this spring semester coming up, I am going to try and enjoy each moment and day as it comes. Even though I will graduate in May (hopefully), I know the Notre Dame community will extend beyond Commencement, and I can’t wait to see all of the new ways I can be a Golden Domer once I graduate and enter the real world. I think 2022 will be a great year, and I can’t wait to enjoy it with my ND community!


It’s crazy to think that I am now three-eighths of the way into my Notre Dame journey. This past year and a half has been nothing short of amazing. Coming into ND during an unusual year was not the start I anticipated, but the University did an incredible job making it as “normal” as it could be, allowing me to come to campus and take classes in person when many friends at home were virtual for the whole year. As I complete half of my sophomore year, I’ve reflected a lot on who I was and who I’ve become now. Never in my wildest dreams did I believe I would have enough support from our class to become the Sophomore Class Vice President. I work alongside my favorite people and get to plan incredible events for the Class of 2024 to rebuild our community and make up for events we missed out on. We are so excited to be able to plan a Prom Redo and retake our class photo next semester so that our class gets to have the memories we waited so long for. Of course, so many of my favorite memories were made during my first “normal” football season, getting to meet so many new friends walking around campus and tailgates. Getting to experience a full stadium and just the energy radiating from the crowd really highlighted how incredible the Notre Dame school spirit is. Through all of the difficulties and good times of this semester, I can only imagine what the next two and half  years hold in store. I don’t know where life will take me in this upcoming semester, but all I know is that the best is yet to come.


All of the emotions and memories are coming at me fast now that I am in my final year at Notre Dame. I’ve made so many great memories here and I’ve made so many great friends. Being able to return and be in person for my senior year has been amazing! Even though I am a senior, 2021 still brought so many new experiences. Over the summer, I had my first real internship. Although it was virtual, I still met so many great people and learned a lot. In the fall semester, for the first time ever I helped with club concession stands on game days. Even though it was a lot of work, it was fun to be alongside friends. This past year has taught me how important it is to appreciate the people and things we have and to truly live in the moment. The new year will bring new classes, graduation, a new job, and law school decisions. I am so excited to see what 2022 brings and all the new opportunities and experiences that will become available to me.

From the entire ND Admissions Intern Team, we wish you a happy and healthy new year!